Grounds Keeper Inbox

Please a comment here with any questions regarding icons and banners for the communities, archiving of posts or general questions on the community.

Also regarding the school newspaper you can leave any submissions or questions regarding that here too.

Much appreciated.

Grounds Keeper
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Year One - Term One - Official Points Log

Whenever we have a contest, sorting, or anything else regarding points, whoever is responsible for counting and reporting those points will do so here via a comment.

DO NOT add them to the running total in the info of hogwarts_ch. That can only be done by Kuri and I. This is for record purposes, and figuring out the handicap should the community decidewe need one when the end of term rolls around.

Members, if you have comments or questions regarding points, please leave them here. This is a public post.

Ravenclaw Prefect Inbox

Hello, students. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for the Ravenclaw Prefect, please post them here. Include your name and house, even if you're a Ravenclaw, and please describe your question/comment/concern briefly in the comment subject line. All comments are screened for privacy, and I will do my best to answer your query in a timely fashion.

-Linz, Ravenclaw Prefect
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Going on Hiatus? Vacation? Need some time off? Let us know here! Please make sure you include your house and expected date of return..
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Gryffindor Prefect Inbox

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Problems you couldn't work out yourself or need my advice/opinion on? Ideas for Gryffindor (common room or otherwise)?

Just leave me a message here, with your name and house (in case you aren't a Gryff and even if you are). Please keep it concise and work safe (no foul language please. No need to be vulgar). Comments are screened for privacy and will only be unscreened if you request it.
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Prefects :)

Term One will be starting SATURDAY. Please have a welcome and "this community is friends only" post on your common rooms by then. Your infos and layouts can be updated as you go along.

Please do go ahead and make your staff inboxes while you're at it as well; they need not be anything particularily fancy.

Thanks, and if anyone has a problem, either with LJ or being busy the next two days, just let me know.
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(no subject)

Congratulations prefects. Just to make sure we are all here and still wanting this position, if nothing else please leave me a comment letting me know that you've read this. Questions and comments are, as always, encouraged.

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THIS community will be our official forum for all HGCH staff. Posts henceforth should be friends locked (with the exception of your Staff Inbox). If you have an idea you'd like to present, questions to ask the whole staff, or anything along those lines, do it here.

As always, please promote participation (sorting, discussions), keep any eye out for those disregarding rules and most of all HAVE FUN! Don't hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback.

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Headmistress' Inbox

Have a question, comment, concern or suggestion you need to share with the Headmistress? Please be sure to properly address all owl posts in the subject line to deter any hitherto unknown dangerous detours. Be sure to include your house with the starting post of our correspondence.

My door is always open; you'll find the password never changes - tapioca - and the Gargoyle is (usually) accommodating.

Amanda, leoin

[comments are screened and will remain so unless you give me leave to specifically make them viewable]

Grounds Keeping note

Just to let people know I'm now going through all the old posts in this journal and tidying things up a bit and doing some deleting and archiving.

Feel free to leave a comment if there's something specific anyone feels should be kept/archived, otherwise I'll go through everything and then post a list of entries that I want to check with people before deleting in case they should be archived.

I'll also start catching up with archiving the new sorting entries and lessons and generally catching up with my Grounds Keeping.

Everyone please feel free to either leave a comment or email me with any questions or suggestions.