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1. This is an interactive community. If you are here to simply be sorted please look elsewhere! Do not join, be sorted, and then vanish off the face of the earth. If you need to go on hiatus for whatever personal reasons, please drop a note into this here. See there for more details.

2. You must be 13 years old to apply. We are not going to check your profile to ensure this, but please bear in mind that this community (and all it's parts) will be largely inhabited by adults. They will not cater to those only recently into double digits.

If your application is presented maturely and thoughtfully, you will have no problem. Note that those sorting you can squib you should they feel it is necessary. If you are not ready to join, either because of maturity, age, or both – you will be found out! For sorting rules, FAQ and the application, please go HERE.

3. All community postings must be friends locked.

4. Please conduct yourself responsibly and maturely. This applies to everything from proper discussion topic (clearly labeled if possibly offensive), resisting the urge to start arguments, and using proper spelling and grammar.

5. Put all long entires – both text and graphic – behind an Lj Cut.

6. You may rejoin if expelled for inactivity. If you were a member BEFORE the revamp, please contact the Headmistress with your house and name and you will be invited.

If you were a member expelled after the revamp, you must re-apply as a gesture of good faith.

7. A member may be expelled for breaking rules, disregard of members, or generally being a pain in the arse – so to speak. The community is meant to be fun, and our main motto is No Drama. A vote will take place on whether or not to expel a member and the majority will rule.

8. Points may be deducted in extreme cases. They can only be taken by the Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress. Cases were this is permissible are:

  • Cheating.
  • Pranks that cross the line from good natured to inexcusable (personal attacks on members, hacking into common rooms, etc)
  • When enough complaints are received from fellow members.

    9. Have fun! Feel free to post Potter related discussion in your common rooms as well as hogwartsch, participate in contests or suggest some of your own, post your fan creations or share an idea with the community.

  • Please link us in your journal's userinfo after having joined. Here are some banners with which to do so.

    If you are interested in affiliating, or you have banners to contribute that you have made yourself, please comment to this entry.

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